July 14, 2013

Holiday Workshop with Indonesian Crafters : - Making Luggage Tag -

As written in my previous post..Indonesian Craters held a holiday workshop last June, and we were making luggage tag from fabric and duplex cardboard with Mba Irma Anggraini from Be Creative.
It was such a cool project, because some of us, including me are dying to know how to make our own luggage tag..and at some time we contact one of crafter who is like the "specialist" in making luggage tag, but apparently and unfortunately, she had a busy schedule so we never got a chance to learn from her.

But thank god.. mba Irma is ssssooooo nice and she spare her busy schedule to teach us how to make her version of luggage tag.

And the surprise is the workshop that we attended will be featured on Annisa Magazine for August edition !
I'd said yyyeeeaaayyy..
That would be awesome because more people will notice and know about Indonesian Crafters and our activities.

As a preview..here are some pictures of the hectic-ness and the happiness during the workshop day..

That was such a cool project...hope to see more IC crafters on the next workshop..:)

Some of these lovely pictures are the courtesy of Mba Nuning Subastian from Blessedly Blissful Craft