June 29, 2012

Handmade Hysteria

Indonesian Crafter held its first time handmade bazaar !

It's an indie event, with lots of workshop and mini talkshow and games and tradisional food court.

At Museum Layang - Layang, Pondok Labu
6 - 8 July 2012
9 am - 5 pm

Spread the good news and come to share the fun with your family..:)

Be there ya all..

June 28, 2012

Indonesian Crafter 1st Bazaar on Nirmana Award

Sorry for upload these pics for so long..many circumstances back then, that i totally forgot that i have these great moments with my fellow crafter on our community first bazaar.

So much joy and laughter back then..so i have to share those craziness with you all..;p

And below with my elementary school friend, Tessa..thanks for stopping by darl..:)

And with those rubber ducky lads from..have no idea where the came from, all i can remember was they wore mummy costumes and playing with their quacking rubber ducky and posed with silly poses..and that was infectious. Look at me !

See you on the next event guys..:)

Candid Pics


Not in my best costume (who am i kidding..i wore that old daster !), not in my best mood for photo session (God..it was me working on a deadline), and what's with the mess ?
Nnaahh..actually, that room always such a big mess.
We always called that room with "a room with lotsa creative things in process & in progress".
hahahhaha..that was such a lame excuse for not cleaning up..;p

But definitely one of my best moment, because those blurry pictures were taken by my boy, Mosha, and he's in the middle of trying to learn on how to operate a digital camera.

Snap on, boy..:)

June 27, 2012

Kitschy..oohh so Kitschy..

Found a very cute website, Kitschy Digitals

Satisfy all your craves about sewing and DIY project stuff...with a lots of freebies..:)

Many designers blog that i followed, joined Kitschy. And what excites me is they have a freebies section..a very cute freebies for personal purpose, so that you can make your own DIY projects.

These are some of their products

Have a great crafting day..:)

June 25, 2012

Miss Chesie on Media : womenbizlife.com

And one more media published Miss Chesie Bags, called www.womenbizlife.com.

I'm so proud that i can be featured in this media, because they support women who are all independent, brave and have mission and vision on how to be an entrepreneur without abandoned your family aside.

You can find my article here, along with my bags.

And if you want to buy my bags, please visit my store here and place your order via inbox..or you can leave me a text at 0811.954469.

Have a great day all..:)

Miss Chesie on Media : kreatif.ngedib.com

Sorry for posting this so late..a bit hectic here with all these crafting things..;p

Few weeks ago i was featured on online media called www.ngedib.com with Miss Chesie Bags.
This online media reviewed many local crafter and support them so that our local crafter can be more appreciated by anyone.

You can find me here
with some of my bags, pictures taken by ngedib.com team.

And if you want to order these bags, you can place your order here or you can leave me a text at 0811.954469.

Have a great day everyone..:)

June 20, 2012

Clothespins Board

Ini proyek baru..masih coba - coba..

hasil mulung sisaan papan kayu punya ibu mertua dan punya tetangga samping rumah..kalo jepitan jemurannya beli di toko supply kebutuhan rumah.
dasar tukang pulung..

terus terang aja ini ngerjainnya minta tolong bantuin sama tukang lemarinya ibu mertua..saya kebanyakan mandorin ama tukang fotoin aja karena belum biasa kerja dengan kayu dan peralatan kayunya itu..agak jiper dengan suara bor kayu..hehehe..

tapi hasilnya lumayanlaaah..
langsung mikir nanti - nanti kalo udah bisa stock banyak dan bikinya udah rapian dikit, bakalan dijual juga apa dipake sendiri aja..hehehe..
derita crafter, suka pengen make barang hasil bikinannya sendiri padahal udah nyanggupin bikinin orderan buat customer..;p

June 17, 2012

Sewing Themed Birthday Party

Oh my my..

I don't have enough words to describes how beautiful plus gorgeous plus pretty this birthday party themed.
For those of you who adore lovely fabrics and scrumptious food, let's gather all your funny and funky friends and make one party like this one..

source here

The Casseroles

"The Casseroles"

Or many of us known them as pots and pan protests, have spread to many communities in Montreal and many cities and towns outside of it.

The demonstrations originally began several months ago as a student protest against tuition hikes. But since the government of Quebec imposed Bill 78, an emergency law that was passed on May 18 to limit freedom of assembly without prior police approval, the protest has broadened to the general population and now is largely a protest against this law.

Oh how i wish that every demonstrations or riots in Indonesia comes very artistic and peaceful just like theirs.
And very fashionable as its best..i mean, look at the girl with fishnet stocking there..pretty outfit with pretty attitude..:)

Have a great Monday all..

source : here

June 11, 2012

Japanesse Premium Design for Kids from Mosha Beddings


Mosha Beddings ngeluarin desain sprei dan bedcover motif terbaru untuk teens and children..tapi kalo yang masih merasa berjiwa "remaja" juga boleh order lho..hihiihi..

Untuk koleksi lebih lengkap lagi bisa cek ke sini ya..:)