March 19, 2012

A Book and A Giveaway


Postingan baru...Giveaway baru lagi nniihh..aaaiisshh maret bener - bener banjir giveaway yaa..
Kali ini ada giveaway dari lia's space

Mari di tengok syarat - syaratnya di sini ya temans..:)

Good luck all..;p

March 12, 2012

Friends Are...

Sedang galau...

Aiiissshh...kalo mengadopsi kata-kata dan kalimat anak jaman sekarang..sedang galau..(happening sekali kalimat ini yaa..) karena banyak sekali kerjaan yang mesti de selesaikan tapi ada beberapa hambatan atau musibah yang menghadang.

Kata orang bijak..kalo kita diberi musibah atau hambatan, katanya derajat kita sedang dinaikkan.
Mudah - mudahan memang bener ya seperti itu.

Tapi terasa sekali di saat kita sedang mengalami musibah, kita bisa tahu siapa sesungguhnya sahabat sejati kita.

Yang bersedia menemani..meskipun jarak jauh tapi ketika saya telpon mereka di hp pas jam 3 pagi untuk nangis, mereka menerima telpon saya dan ngga berkata apa - apa, cuma sebaris kalimat "ya udah..puas-puasin aja dulu loe nangis..gue temenin dari sini tapi sambil merem ya..maklum udh jam 3 pagi..besok gue ngantor bo.."

Yang bersedia dimintai tolong tanpa banyak bertanya..palingan cuma nanya beberapa kalimat seperti "ini gue mesti gimanain ? ntar loe telpon gue lagi yaaa..gue udh nyampe rumah loe nih, gue beresin dulu rumah loe biar rapian"

Sahabat itu buat saya seperti keluarga tambahan, dan saya merasa bersyukur sekali mempunyai keluarga tambahan yang bisa mengerti saya selayaknya keluarga saya sendiri.

Terima kasih truly are my shoulders to cry on..:)

March 04, 2012

March Giveaway Galore


Finally..i'm doing my giveaway..yyeeaayyy..although not solo but i'm collaborating with my fellow gorgeous admins from Indonesian Crafters, still...i'm so proud and excited to launch my new activity : giving you a giveaway..:)

We'll be giving all of you many giveaways !'s soooo tempting, right ?
Everybody looooovvveeee freebies..

Let me introduce you with my fellow gorgeous admins and their gorgeous giveaway :

1. Mba Dian Kusuma Wardhani aka Dini Capungmungil will be giving you her 1 Birdie Pillow and 1 Dolphin Plushie for 2 lucky winners.

2. Mba Ira Rupina Sinaga aka Mamak Ira will be giving you her 1 Macaroon Pillow and 1 Kitty Plushie for 2 lucky winners.

3. Mba Nuning Subastian aka Mad Crafter At Work will be giving you her 1 Sue Sunbonnet Wall Deco and 1 Key Ring Set (chain and bracelet) for 2 lucky winners.

4. Mba Dini Kurnianing aka Kupunya Handmade will be giving you her 1 Love Pillow and 1 Pink Kitty Plushie for 2 lucky winners.

and last but not least...well, of course..hihihi..

5. Me..Chesiria Tattia Yuniarie aka Miss Chesie will be giving you my 2 Lunch - Bento Bags for 2 lucky winners.

All you gotta do just follow these simple instructions :
a. Follow our blog : Capungmungil, Mamak Ira, Mad Crafter At Work, Kupunya Handmade, and Miss Chesie
b. Follow Indonesian Crafters blog
c. Like their Fans Page : Capungmungil Fan Page , Blessedly Blissful Craft Fans Page , Mamak Ira Fans Page , and Kupunya Handmade Fans Page
on Facebook.
d. Follow my twitter : @chesiriatattia
e. Put this button on your side bar.
f. Post a comment on my blog and also their blog and write down your email address.
g. Re-post, re-tweet or share this happy news on every social network that you join in..:)

I'll choose my 2 lucky winners on March 20, 2012.

Happy Giveaway Hunting..



Going to make these dress below for my cousin's wedding day !

source : here

I love the design, showing a bit of skin without looking too sexy..hihihi..;p
And the sleeves cover up my (a bit large) arms.

The essence of sexiness (according to me ) is you flashing some skins, your favorite part, -mine are my chest and my back- but cover up the rest.
Just as simple as that.

March 03, 2012

Carnival !

Care to join me on a carnival ?
We're riding fast and slow with our eyes glows..
Care to join me on a carnival ?
We'll be forever young and unleash our inner kiddos in our heart.


Introducing..Nauli's Kitchen..

Nauli's Kitchen belongs to my dearly college friend Yuri.
When we went into college together, i didn't know that she loves to cook..if i know then, i'm willing to volunteer myself to be her taste-bud buddy..;p

That's Yuri with her gorgeous little angel, Alexa (Alexa is so pretty, i even tell Yuri to introduce her to Mosha..hihihi..)

Her cooks looks absolutely mouth watering, even though i haven't got any chance to try her cooks since she lives in Germany now with her family, but i'm sure from the picture that she posted..they are definitely a must try !

So if you have time to travel to Germany and a bit confused what to eat or longing for Indonesian dishes..give her a call, friends.
Nauli's Kitchen is just a call away..:)

March 02, 2012

Double Happiness

It's March already..

New month is very exciting..especially there are 2 giveaways that can be owned.

First Giveaway
Is from Malicka. This girl is well known for her creative skill on making quirky jewellery.
And this is her first let's make this crowded for her..*clapping hands for her*..hihihihi..

You can win these freebies by following her instructions here

Look at those cute stuff..hhmm..tempting..tempting..right ?

Second Giveaway
Is from Mochie Felt collaborating with Hayano Handmade

Yeesss..that gorgeous mama matryoshka is waiting for you to be her accompany.
For the t&c you can read here.

Crossing your fingers now...
Good luck you all..:)