September 15, 2012

Magazine for All (Now Era and Then Era)

What age did you have your own magazine ?

I mean..a magazine that really help you to "know" about yourself, more like a holy book of trend ?
A magazine that can brings out the self esteem in you ?

I remember that i have my first magazine when i was on junior high..around 13 years old, i think.
That magazine called Majalah GADIS and Majalah Mode (i can't find the website cause this magazine seems like off the radar)
The magazine still on print version edition and didn't have a digital version like all magazine nowadays, but the fun was the same.

Looking back to those years, i found out many Indonesian celebrities these days with their old school fashion era, which happened to be a trending at those times..:)

Perhaps these pictures below can bring you some smile...

God how i love those old school era...;p

And these magazine for children below are so hip in worldwide, a bit sorry for Indonesian people who love to collect magazine, they're not distribute to Indonesia. But if you want to buy them, you can always order them via their digital version.

Papier Mache



  1. cover gadis pertama: Dede Yusuf, Desy Ratnasari dan nggak tau,,
    cover kedua: nggak kenal
    cover ketiga: lebih ngak tau lagi
    Mbak Chesi dulu gadis sampul to?

  2. susan bachtiar! bianca! ozzie!
    haha those were the days :D

  3. asimetris..
    aku ngga ada potongan gadis sampul ini mbaa..alhamdulillah yaa dikira gadis sampul..hihihihi..;p
    ini majalah gadis dulu majalah favorite-ku..semua jebolan gadis sampulnya jadi "orang" yaa..salut bgt deh..:)