December 14, 2012

Collage Pouch Workshop


Last November, i was very excited because i held my first DIY Workshop with a big support from Family Guide Magazine. They wanted me to have my workshop in their booth at IMBEX FAIR 2012.

I was both nervous and excited at the same time..what if i did something wrong and turn out those kids are more creative than me and they will mocked me for giving such an easy breezy tutorial ??
I had butterflies in my tummy and i did my preparation like a nut ! Hahahahaa..
I mean..come on..this is my first solo workshop and this is the famous magazine and this is like the biggest event for maternity and kids..and what if i screwed things up? So many "what ifs" in my mind..
I had a cold feet, people..

But..the little voice in my head whispered something encouraging..that it's okay to made a mistakes, just do my best and have fun with those kids.
Embrace the inner child in me.

So be it !

I had my first solo workshop..and having a great times with my little students..

Well done..
All wrapped great and my first workshop was a quite success (for a rookie like me..hehehe..)

Hope to have a chance to have a workshop again..

Keep on crafting everyone..:)

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  1. semua rasa ndredeg terbayarkan begitu ngliat hasil karya anak2 ya, mbak?,, well done, mbak :)