May 29, 2013

Crafty Picnic In The Zoo

This post was supposed to be posted few weeks ago yet it's still on my draft box..seems i kinda forget to upload it..hahahaha..such a well organized myself, huh ?

Couple of weeks ago, i was held an event for Indonesian Crafters called Crafty Picnic In The Zoo.

Basically the event was held for the member of Indonesian Crafters and their family..kinda the same like family gathering, in a small scale..
I had an idea to held an event in the zoo or park, but as you know in Jakarta we kinda hard to find a park that have a small pond or a spot that we can fed birds or chasing around a i decide to held an event in Ragunan Zoo and i asked IC members to brought their family too so that we can get to know them more.

It was total fun.
We created games for kids and for family..everyone was happily participated and seems to enjoyed the view..
The husbands was being so patient with us, the wives..hahahhaa..thank you husbands..
The kids was happy because no matter win or lose they got at the games, they still got pressies.

Hopefully, we can arrange another crafty picnic again..

These are some of the captured moments...

And these below are the very patient husbands helped babysitting the kids while the wives having a little chat and snacking some potlucks...hehehhehe..

See you on the next picnic..keep on crafting yaaa..:)

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