June 25, 2013

Doodle Pouch for Milis Popok Kain

Few weeks ago, Mba Sitha Puspita from Milis Popok Kain contacted me because she was interested to buy some of my doodle pouch for souvenirs for members of her community.

I was kinda gobsmacked because i was so surprised that someone adore my doodle ( i can't say that they were a drawings, because to be honest, i can't draw at all ! )

Mba Sitha said that she was interested on my doodle because it was drawn on kain belacu and it suits with her Milis Popok Kain who wants to educate people to use cloth diapers instead of manufactured diapers on hyper stores and to act more friendly with the earth.

I didn't got a chance to take pictures one by one of my doodle pouch..because i kinda late with the deadline and I just compiled them on the table and click..click..and then sent them away to shipping company.

For those of you who wants to order Miss Chesie Doodle Pouch please be noted that i can't draw beautifully..i will make your order customized but i need you to give me the theme of your order so that i can create something related with your theme.

Keep on crafting, crafters...

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