September 11, 2011

In The Woods with Lir

Oh My God !!! Oh My God !!

Just found this blog called Lir and they are totally amazed me with their never ending creativity. I always adore Jogja people..they have so much energy and creativity that can filled the bucket, and that creativity like never runs out.

Can you imagine, nowadays having picnic in the woods ??
I mean, in Jakarta that would be a mission impossible !
Where can we found woods in Jakarta ?!?! Concrete woods we can find them everywhere in Jakarta..and concrete woods are kinda boring.
And these creative young people are holding a picnic in the woods in Jogja..and i really really really want to go there and enjoying myself, surrounding with new friends, having an artsy conversations and listening to a very hip music by local band.

I have to post this story here in my blog..because like i always said to my friends when it comes to adoring new friends that you never met before: "you may not know these guys, but you know you'll love them even before you guys met"

Thank you are an inspiration !

And thank you Belinda for introducing me with them..though i never met people from Lir but i definitely sure that i adore them so much..:)

These are some of the pictures about the can find the rest of their stories here

Ooohhh...all pictures courtesy to Lir ! :)

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