May 09, 2012

Hello World..Hello Mum..

Hello world..

Long time not seeing you this bright and shiny and hot like this morning. I'm kinda back from my semi hiatus here..and i still dunno what to write.

Last month was a very sad sad and devastated for me, world. I lost my pillar of life on April 20th and still trying to recover from the sadness and laziness..okay, the last one was just an excuse from feeling dull of writing..hihihihi...
But for the sake of my dad and my younger sisters, i have to strong.

I have to be strong for the sakes of everyone who's counting on me, world.

And so here i am again..juggling and coping with a household chores and a broken hearted and a basket full of dirty laundry, i push myself to write again.
Writing's been a passion for me..and also a savior to my chaotic heart.
As far as i know, nothing can ripped of your passion from you. Is that true, world ?

Our heart of course still ached..i think this kinda lost is aching our heart for good. But i'm sure it will heal though i dunno when..but life's goes on right, world ?
I'm pretty sure that Mum didn't wanna see us sad all the time..coz Mum was a very bubbly and happy-go-lucky kinda person..i bet she will spank our butts off if she still here with us and keep talking like there's no tomorrow about our works and our passion.

But again, world..we won't see her tomorrow or the day after tomorrow and the day after that.
Cause she's not gonna company us again physically, but spiritually, she'll be forever with us. Stay in our hearts for good and won't leave us alone bury in sadness.

So..this is for you Mum.

We woke up everyday, doing our jobs, our chores and perhaps laundry-ing our basket full of dirty laundry for you.
Because everyday you'll be forever with us in our heart.

Sleep well , Mum.
Rest In Peace.
We love you eternally, physically and spiritually.

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