June 28, 2012

Indonesian Crafter 1st Bazaar on Nirmana Award

Sorry for upload these pics for so long..many circumstances back then, that i totally forgot that i have these great moments with my fellow crafter on our community first bazaar.

So much joy and laughter back then..so i have to share those craziness with you all..;p

And below with my elementary school friend, Tessa..thanks for stopping by darl..:)

And with those rubber ducky lads from..have no idea where the came from, all i can remember was they wore mummy costumes and playing with their quacking rubber ducky and posed with silly poses..and that was infectious. Look at me !

See you on the next event guys..:)


  1. Such fun! ^^
    Agustus ada event seru apa lagi yaa.. yg Juli ga bisa ikut niih T_T

  2. designer : juli ada bazaar handmade nih IC yang bikin..hihihihi..datang ya dear, di museum layang - layang..aku post flyers-nya sekarang nihh..:)

    warna warni : thank you dear..:)

    1. huaaa karena diriku jauhh jadi selalu ga bisa ikutan bersenang2 bersama IC..
      semoga suatu hari nanti bisa ikutaannn.. *hope*