November 03, 2012

The Backbone Zone

Name-calling has always been unfortunately common in elementary, middle, and high schools, but in recent years, people have begun to realize that it’s not just part of growing up, but a serious problem.

Almost 20 percent (24 percent of females, 15 percent of males) have been the target or offensive sexual comments at school or on the way to or from school.
School climate plays a crucial role in students' safety and their ability to learn effectively. The good news is that there are steps that we can take to improve school climate and reduce gender stereotypes and gender-based violence.

The Backbone Zone, an anti-bullying project that “helps students find theirs,” has released a poster campaign that gives students tools to confront sexist and homophobic language when they hear and see it.

The Backbone Zone project is an innovative approach to bystander intervention, and is about helping people recognize the actions that everyone can take to change the world they live in.

The posters juxtapose literal definitions of words with the people they hurt – for example, “This is a hoe. This is a girl who likes your boyfriend” – and reminds students that “sexist and homophobic words are violent and they’re everybody’s problem.”
The posters are attention-grabbing and funny, but also have a clear message.

For more info about Backbone Zone, just click here.

Stop bullying people..everybody has their own battle..:)

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