November 17, 2012

Sewing Made Simple

Sewing Made Simple by Tessa Evelegh - definitely made me falls in love with handmade things.

It's an almost textbook-style beginners guide to sewing, jam-packed with facts and diagrams and detailed instructions, but it's also a very lovely looking book.

The hardback edition is bright pink, with a pretty dust jacket and even prettier floral endpapers.

Most of the pages dedicated to information and techniques are also framed with a floral border (with a different print for each chapter). If you really loathe "girly" things this book's styling is probably not going to be for you but I found it pleasingly pretty without being too twee, with a focus on bright colours and fresh-feeling patterns.

The focus then switches to skills, with step-by-step instructions (all fully illustrated) on different techniques like sewing seams, adding zips and quilting. After each new skill is introduced, you get 1-3 simple projects to make to test out the technique (20 projects in total). Some of the projects have templates provided at the back of the book (most of which need enlarging by 300-400%) and the rest just require you to cut pieces of fabric to certain sizes.

Each project has a photo of the finished item, and step by step instructions with clear illustrations.

Such a nice read..:)

*Book reviewed by Bugs and Fishes

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