March 22, 2014

One Click Away

As a mother, sometimes i found it very difficult for us to have a "me time".

A time for ourselves and only for us.
A time when we can sip our hot and black coffee without worried about a whining toddler.
A time when we can do a window shopping without those little hands dragging us to an arcade and play Dress Me Up.
A time when we can try a new pair of ankle boots without worried about a kick in the shin when we got too long in our boots store and ignore them.
A time when we can hangout with our girl friends, a fellow mothers, and do not have to worry and check on our mobile every 10 minutes, wondering if the baby is alright with the babysitter.
A time when we can choose wisely our Little White Dress for a quick lunch with the husband without have to worry if i peck the baby will they give us a wet sloppy kiss and also a hug with their chocolate covered hands and ruin our Little White Dress ?

I love being a mother..
I love the way my toddler ruined my white dress and laughing like a maniac with him, because he told me that i look nice and sweet with the chocolate covered on me.
And other mothers will be very busy with their own errands so that i don't mind if we reset the schedule.
An ankle boots ? Who am i kidding ? I'll be thrilled if i can even find a pair of flip flop and just go straight to the mall wearing them.
I can sip my coffee at home while do the sewing for my future project and watching the kid running around in our yard..that would be relaxing.

And when i google-ing some suppliers for my project, i stumble upon this site and got excited, that i have to stop google-ing about my supplier and got my mousse clicking every items i this site's shopping cart...hahahaha..

Have you heard about ZALORA ?

Your shopping thirst will be quenched after you visit this site.
Yes, this site is like heaven for all shopping lovers, shopping addict, because they are offering you a lots of varieties of branded stuff and with a reasonable price.
They even give you a free shipping cost !!

Everything that i need for my fashion fix is only one click away now with Zalora.

And below is my next item in my shopping cart..

Red wedges shoes by EZRA.
Available only at zalora

Have a wise shopping everyone..:)

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