December 08, 2011

Welcome to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

I really really really really love with Harry Potter.
I love all about them. I grew up with them..literally.

Someday i really want to visit Wizarding World of Harry Potter Park in Orlando, Florida...crossing all my fingers..:)

How can you not love them ??
They made Hogwarts Castle for real.
And Honeydukes..all you sweet tooth-ers will dying to taste all of those sweet and never want to go back to your dentist again !
And Hogsmead, The Zonko's Shop, Ollivander's, Hagrid's Hut and many more.

For your entertainment..these are some of pictures of Harry Potter Theme Park.

Hogwarts Castle and everything in it :

Hogsmeade and all its shops :

The Three Broomsticks :

And my favorite shop..Honeydukes :

Let's meet up there someday and experiencing magic with heart !

*all pictures courtesy of The Telegraph


  1. mama moshaaaa ayooo kita kesanaaa mamaaa moshaaaaa

  2. aaayyyooo tante bellaaaaa...pengeeennn pengeeennn...:)