February 20, 2012

An Affair With...


Been a while since the last article..i'm preparing new project for my blog.
It's something that i want to make it happen since a couple of months ago, but the difficulties of being a full time mum and half time blogger/crafter/enterpreneur is that i have to juggle between family, fabrics, laundry, making dishes and so on and so on and so on...hahahhahaha..

Too many excuses..i know..but it's true.
Since i don't have maid like forever, i have to do the chores by myself.
Well..husband is a very helpful person..but he got his homework too, so we both juggling..hihihihi..

An Affair With..is something very inspirational.
An inspirational stories about inspirational people.

Just wait and see.
And hopefully you like to it and get inspired..:)

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