February 10, 2012

Meet Nixie Chaitra Bin Mohammad Nizam


I'm soooo happy cause i have new nephew !!
My sister, Chita just gave birth last Tuesday..and she and her husband got a very handsome baby boy.

Meet Nixie Chaitra Bin Mohammad Nizam everyone..

Isn't he lovely !!
He looks like both of his father and mother..and a bit of Mosha..hihihihhi..
And the meaning of his name is "a celebrations of the birth of a boy who have a water dragon spirit who brings joy to the world"
Kinda like that..his name is a bit from Sanskrit and a bit of Thai.

Congratulations Jeng Chita and Ziggy..
Our love and prayers be with you three..

Kisses for Nixie..
Wet sloppy kiss from Mas Mosha..:)

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