February 03, 2012

Hermes Temptation

Today was lovely.
Just received a copy of a book called "Hermes Temptation" written by Fitria Yusuf and Alexandra Dewi.
And i got my book signed by Miss Fitria Yusuf herself...whoop..whoop..;p

This book is lovely.
A bitter sweet stories and excitement yet sorrows about two Hermes bag resellers who sells those premium bags online.
It's chick literature, with quirky illustrations and witty story telling from both of them as an authors.

Ms. Fitria Yusuf and Ms. Alexandra Dewi


Like the authors said “... and I won't let what I have or what I don't have dictate whether I'm superior or inferior to others.”
The book is telling people never judge someone from their bags...:)

It's definitely a must read book.

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