March 03, 2012

Introducing..Nauli's Kitchen..

Nauli's Kitchen belongs to my dearly college friend Yuri.
When we went into college together, i didn't know that she loves to cook..if i know then, i'm willing to volunteer myself to be her taste-bud buddy..;p

That's Yuri with her gorgeous little angel, Alexa (Alexa is so pretty, i even tell Yuri to introduce her to Mosha..hihihi..)

Her cooks looks absolutely mouth watering, even though i haven't got any chance to try her cooks since she lives in Germany now with her family, but i'm sure from the picture that she posted..they are definitely a must try !

So if you have time to travel to Germany and a bit confused what to eat or longing for Indonesian dishes..give her a call, friends.
Nauli's Kitchen is just a call away..:)

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