March 02, 2012

Double Happiness

It's March already..

New month is very exciting..especially there are 2 giveaways that can be owned.

First Giveaway
Is from Malicka. This girl is well known for her creative skill on making quirky jewellery.
And this is her first let's make this crowded for her..*clapping hands for her*..hihihihi..

You can win these freebies by following her instructions here

Look at those cute stuff..hhmm..tempting..tempting..right ?

Second Giveaway
Is from Mochie Felt collaborating with Hayano Handmade

Yeesss..that gorgeous mama matryoshka is waiting for you to be her accompany.
For the t&c you can read here.

Crossing your fingers now...
Good luck you all..:)

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