October 01, 2012

GA Winners of An Affair With d'Fiens Sew & Craft

Hello there GA hunters..

Remember our last affair with d'Fiens Sew & Craft ?
We have our winners here..

So cross your fingers and say your prayers, cause here comes the names...

Don't forget to inbox me via facebook your full address along with your mobile number for the purpose of the shipping.

And for you who aren't lucky yet..not to be worry..we'll be giving away more freebies on our next affair.

Have a great Monday..keep on crafting..:)


  1. yah ga dapet juga :(

    selamt buat pemenang ...^^

  2. yyuuuhhuuu...

    para pemenang..minta alamat lengkap dan no telp ya..spy GA-nya bisa dikirimkan ke rumah masing - masing.

    thank you ya..:)

  3. Yuhuuuuu ... Makasih banyak, Sist :* :* :*

  4. selamaaat kepada para pemenang :)