October 06, 2012

I Was on "On Day Monday"

Oh good God..
I forgot that i was once featured on an article called "On Day Monday" by Nest of Ojanto

This was my first interview on media, a good (new) friend of mine at that time, Mr. Fauzan told me that he was inspired by my activity with Indonesian Crafter and he wanted to published my story about my experience on organizing crafter from all around Indonesia.

I was like "what?! he got inspired by me??"
I AM the one who got inspired by him actually, because of his spirit about making something great with your own hand.
And to be honest, i was very honored that he considered me as an inspiration.

The title of my article was "Chesiria Tattia | Connecting The Dots", you can read the rest of the interview here

I hope the article also gets you inspired..:)


  1. hihihi... mb Chessie nih, wawancaranya udah lama banget loh mba :D

  2. iya itu dia mba dewi..aku br inget pas ngublek - ngublek segala liputan baik pribadi dan miss chesie..ketemu wawancara dari mas ojan ini..udh punten - punten ama mas ojan krn baru di upload skrg..hihihi..:)