October 03, 2012

Tour de Mayestik Report

Like i mention on my earlier post..our handmade community, Indonesian Crafters will planning to have a trip to craft supplies market at Pasar Mayestik and we're going to have a craft swap also there.

Been planning this trip a couple of month ago when i accidentally comment about monthly workshop and i said that i want us to have a gathering together to a craft supplies market, and the reaction from other members were like massive snowball !!

All hands are up, never mind the singles cause they have time of their life..but the housewives/mothers must called their husband or their mother to arrange a time for them (the husband and the grandma) if they can babysit the children or the grandchildren, while the mummies are having their "me time" (more like a "shopping time" i think..haahahha..)

And when the day was come, i promise to some of IC members to fetched them at Terminal Blok M, since some of them didn't know a route to Mayestik, so early in Sunday morning (wow..this is a record..i woke up so effing early on Sunday) at 7 am, i dragged my feet on Terminal Blok M and fetched up some new friends, and the mission was like having a blind date..hahahahaha..we tell each other our clothes and bags and try to find each other among the crowds..so romantic, no ?

Done with the fetching job..we went straight to Pasar Mayestik to begin the shopping journey (and begin to make a withdrawn to our ATM..;p)

Let the shopping..begin !

And this is us..during brunch time and craft swap..look at those craft swap on the table, how tempting..

And this is our craft swap..the pictures taken after we swap the gifts, so this is us with our swap from other crafter..tee heee..

Wooohhhoooo..what a journey..hahahahhaa..
When our heart (and wallet) screaming "enough with the shopping while your money still save and sound !!" but our eyes and our mind and the store assistant keep saying "naaahh..that's okay, the fabric in the corner are just arrived with new pattern and design.."
Good GOD help us !!

And to keep in mind : shopping with friends is contagious !

I keep telling myself, that's it ! i just want to buy 2 meters of polkadot fabrics since i haven't got the color, and no matter how my friends seduce me with fabric in front of my eyes, i will stand my ground !
But when i checked my bag..
Yyeepp..successfully bought 2 meters of polkadot fabric, 2 meters of flowery fabrics, and 2 meters of cartoon pattern of ribbon.

So much with the promise ! hahahahhahaha...;p

But i bet we will make another round some times next week..or next month..or (who knows) couple of days later after i post this story..;p

No remorse on whatsoever..because we had a great great great time !
Definitely !


  1. mba... kapan belanjanya, kok ngga kliatan mba blanja2 hehehe... di akhir perjaanan, ku dapat bahan keren buat bikin jilbab hehehe...

    1. mba ijin ngelink tulisan ini ke blog ku ya.. *edisi males buat liputan hehehe*

    2. hihihihhi..ada belanja di tengah2 menggiring pasukan ibu - ibu kalap..;p
      monggo di share yaa..:)

  2. acaranya suksess bgt nih rela ngelilingin mayestik
    aku dapet kain ajibb diskonan XDD

    rejeki ga kemana alhamdulillah

  3. Seru ya... Sayang waktunya jagain anak. Next time ya chessie...

  4. Aq yo sueneng..dpt kain murmer bgt..meski smpt kelimpungan ditinggal rombingan..lah pd kmn nih..skrg lg bingung mo dibikin apa..pgn bikin tunik..pashmina..or buat dalemnya tas..kyknya smuanya ok...pgnnya tokonya dibawa pulang he2..jadi py refernsi buat hunting kain n pernak2nik craft..ting!!

  5. oalahh..ketinggalan berita
    mau dong kalo ada begini lagi