May 18, 2015

Little Miss - Leather Bag Editions

Few months ago, i wrote on my facebook that i try to expand my business team up with my father.
At the moment, fabric material for my bags were only from cotton or canvas or linen material. Never from leather, because i don't have any skill to sew on leather and i don't have that leather sewing machine. Although some of my friends told me that they use the same sewing machine but only replacing the needle.

But i was still afraid to jump into new territory, not afraid actually, more of clueless and felt kinda blindfold.

So the solution was my dad went to his friend at Bandung and he asked him to make the sample first and after that we will see the response from our potential customers.

When those bags are arrived, i know that they will be awesome but i never expected that the labor cost for sewing 4 bags was almost 1,5 million ! Dammit ! Hahahahahaha...(speechless tears)
But i think that was kinda the price you have to pay for a new experience. You never know until you jumped into it, right ?!

So, the moral of the story is i NEED to learn to sew on leather.
Or, i need to looking for another leather sewer ! Hahaahahahaha...:-)

I know am new in this area, so i need your developing critics, girls..

For orders and inquiries, please leave a comment below or you can text me at 0811.954469.

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