May 19, 2015

Up All Night - Take That

As you are all aware, am a HUGE number one fan of TAKE THAT !

I practically grow up listening to their songs, mimicking their cheesy dances (although for this, you can't never get an approval from anybody. I'd kill those person right away when they blabbered out their mouth about my cheesy Take That dancing...hahahhaha..)

Last night, i got a bit in my "bring back the memory" mode with old songs and i stumbled upon this beautiful video from my favorite band.
It called Up All Night.
The video was debuted on 27 January 2009, with Mark Owen on lead vocals. The video was directed by Daniel Wolfe. It features Take That performing at a street party in Croydon, with footage of them on a lorry.
Gary Barlow does not appear in the second half of the music video because his pregnant wife went into labour whilst filming. Cute, eh..

And what i thought was the cutest is the props !

There were lots of colorful balloons, flickering tiny bulbs, colorful checkered table cloths, and those gorgeous handmade buntings.
Plus they pictured a great and friendly neighborhood, kids running around with their costumes and dancing with their fireworks in hand, lots of stylish street food stalls, and everybody seemed like having a great times with their neighborhood festive.

Yeah..great foods, friendly neighborhood, soulful songs plus a fantastic live performance from Take That.
What more can you ask, right ?

I tried to screen captured the video but i failed at being i googled all these still images i can get and i uploaded the coolest video ever itself below..

Enjoy !

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