July 22, 2011

Waiting For Mr. Potter

As you all know...i'm a huge fan of Harry Potter ! I mean...i'm practically grew up with them too..though i'm a bit older...hehehehehehe...don't wanna spoil the number of my age, i'm embarrassed with the number...;p

I collect all of the 7 books, dvds, t-shirts, posters, merchandises, and many thing that i don't even know that the stuff exists...
I even made friends with other Harry Potter fans...(okay..this is a bit odd, but this is one from many wonderful things about the internet), and sometimes we made and join a discussion group.

And sometimes...they send me some cute stuff or merchandise of Harry Potter that they made by themselves. You won't find these things on WB Official Website..it's a handmade.

1. hedwig necklace from beth.

2. trio doodles from chelsea

3. mini felt dolls from chelsea.

4. luna necklace from anna.

While i'm waiting Harry Potter to be shown in Jakarta...i'll share some of the good stuff from worldwide for you...:)


  1. cuteee!!
    i love trio HP from felt.....

  2. hi nanachan...

    hehehehehe...thank you...i love them too..trying to make some...:)