July 24, 2011

Law On Human Trade

Finally…law on human trade to be issued !! I support the government for taking such an action about this crime !!! Finally…after so many people get hurt !! Well…what can i say..better late than never,aight?

Poverty and a lack of laws have contributed to the growth of Indonesia’s human trafficking problem. The Ministry for the Empowerment of Woman & House members have been discussing a draft law aimed to provide legal protection againts human trafficking,and they expected to be ratified at the end of this year.

There are at least 300 Indonesians sold every day. And the number is climbing to hundreds of thousands a year.
The boundaries of trafficking are not just limited to sexual exploitation, but also to exploitation within marriage.
But please…Kama Sutra and Tantra are NOT sexual exploitation !!
So if you guys want to practice Kama Sutra or Tantra with your partner…and if there are some positions that might hurt you while you practice on it…don’t sue your partner..sue the lubrication fabrics,why their products useless..hahahaha…

What do i mean with exploitation within marriage is in some situation in which married woman’s right to improve herself is seized on by her husband, and the wife is only allowed to do household chores without getting the chance to enhance herself.
Sooo..trafficking is not limited to bodily exploitation.

Girls…respect yourself.
Guys…respect your girls.
Everybody…respect each other.
Like what i said before…we’re living in the crowded world.

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