August 16, 2012

Indonesian Crafter on CHIC Magazine August 2012 Issue

A very great news came by my facebook account this morning.
A friend of mine told me that he read about Indonesian Crafter on CHIC Magazine August 2012 issue and informed me via my inbox, also tagged me the article.

Woooww..i was very very proud, this community that i join in is growing bigger and stronger and more go public.

Am also very proud with my fellow crafter that we have this solid bond towards each others.
Like they all said "we are all sharing the same passion about crafting and handmade stuff, and we learn a lot from this community. So we think we can be like one big happy crafter family here in Indonesian Crafter"

Bunch of thanks to Mas Faj Satria and his wife for tagging me the article..:)

I hope this article can motivate all crafter from Indonesia and never give up to find your passion about something. Anything. And never give up to pursue your dream.

Now, would you excuse me..i have to run to buy few copies of the magz..hahahaha..;p

*the pic of the article is courtesy of mas faj satria, chic magz, and edited by me.

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  1. WOW it's a big GREAT! congratulation~~ *cheers*