August 12, 2012

Playing With Dough

Yesterday, i was planning on making doughnut for our ta'jil.
Making doughnut just because it was the easiest snack to make (seriously, i can't cook or bake or anything related with and I are like frenemies..i hate you but i need you that kind of relationship..;p)

And Mosha..he wanted to help me, so i decided to made him participate in process of making the dough.

Just like i expected..he was the one who more enthusiastic than myself about making the dough, he rolled his dough with his toy roller (i washed it first, not to worry), he smashed it, powder it with flour and he punched the dough to make its air popped.

Look at his face...

And here's our doughnut..not that was just a plain old simple chocolate doughnut..but the process of making it was great..:)

Bon appetite..;p

1 comment:

  1. How fun!
    While I'm not a kitchen fan my self, yet doing activities with our child is something else ^^