August 31, 2012

Positive...Not Gonna Sleep Tonite..;p


Several of my fellow crafter friends and I are positive for not having our beauty sleep tonite..since this dawn we'll be off for loading for bazaar at Taman Mini, so practically we haven't got enough sleep cause we have to prepare everything and anything.

Perhaps you think, why so keen ? Of course..
Do you think that preparing all these stuff for bazaar is easy ? Easy for you to's full of adrenalin and full of butterflies in our tummy.
Oh and i've got my period just now !
Greeaaattttt..can't expect to get worse than while you preparing your stuff for an event, then here comes the uninvited guest !
Today will be the longest headache and tummy ache day..;p

So excited to go to Taman's been ages, since kindergarten i didn't go there.
Let alone, i will be having this euphoria with my fellow crafter friends..yyyaaayy..just wait 'til i upload the pictures and tell you the stories.

Off to go now..see you..wish me luck..:)

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